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How speedy and fast is the Fiat Avventura?

By: Dharam on 18 december 2014

10 Answers:

Fiat Avventura is pretty fast when you ask for it! Both of the engines, petrol and diesel are mated to a five speed manual transmission which helps the car to achieve a top speed of 175 and 168kmph respectively which is quite a lot for a hatch. Also, the petrol version, being tuned for speed gets you across the 100kmph mark in just 10.6 seconds while the diesel version is a bit slower and takes 13.5 seconds to reach there!

Sanam   2014-12-18

The performance of both petrol and diesel version of Fiat Avventura is excellent. Its diesel variants are powered by its popular Multijet diesel engine, this multijet diesel engine is incorporated by the turbocharger which ensures tremendous power and pick up. It delivers 91.7 bhp of maximum power at 4000 rpm with 209 Nm of maximum torque at 2000 rpm. This high level of power and makes it able to cross the 100 kmph speed barrier in just 14 seconds and can reach upto the maximum speed mark of 165 kmph.

Shagun   2015-05-21

The performances of its F.I.R.E. engine powered petrol variants are slight better than its diesel siblings. Its F.I.R.E. petrol engine delivers maximum power of 88.7 bhp at 6000 rpm with the outstanding torque of 115 Nm at 4500 rpm. Its petrol variant can reach 100 kmph speed from standstill in just 11 seconds and it can touch the maximum speed mark of 175kmph.

Shashank   2015-05-23

I agree the pick up and acceleration of petrol variants are slight better than the diesel Fiat Avventura, but if we talk about the overall performance its diesel variants are better. Though, it slight lacks in terms of pick up and top speed, but the overall power delivery and torque of diesel variants are better which enable it to pull heavy loads on the car. Also, its mileage is much better than petrol variants.

Malilni   2015-05-26

Fiat is known for building up strong cars and Avventura is one of them. It comes with both petrol and diesel engine which are mated with 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. Petrol variant of Avventura is equipped with 1.4-liter fire power plant which can produce a maximum power of 88.7bhp in a peak torque of 115Nm. On the other hand, its diesel variant is equipped with 1.3 liter multijet engine which is capable of producing 91.7bhp power with torque combination of 209Nm. Petrol variant can attain a top speed of 175 kmph and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 10.9 sec whereas diesel variant gives a top speed of 168 kmph and reach from 0 to 100 kmph in 13.6 seconds.

navjeet singh    2015-06-04

Top speed for Fiat Avventura in petrol variant is 175 kmph and in diesel variant it can boost up to 168 kmph. Petrol variant of the car is equipped with 1.4-liter FIRE engine whereas diesel engine comes with 1.3-liter MULTIJET engine. As mentioned in previous answer, acceleration of this car is also very appreciable in its segment. Avventura is equipped with a very reliable suspension and handling mechanism which keeps the vehicle stable on any type of Indian roads even in high speeds.

pavan thiruck    2015-06-05

Many owners love a speed vehicle, especially those who are on the move for most of the times. The car has both the engines, the petrol and diesel. The car comes with a 5 speed manual transmission, and it has a top speed of 175 and 168 miles per hour. The car is the best hatchback, and can reach 100 km speed in just 10.6 seconds in the petrol version and in diesel version it is 13.5 seconds.

Sanya   2015-06-18

The petrol and diesel versions of Fiat Avventura are both great. This is powered by a multi jet diesel engine, and this is incorporated by a turbocharger, and has a great power and pick up. The car delivers 91.7 bhp, of the maximum power at 4000 RPM, and the maximum torque is 209 NM. The 100 km speed barrier is reached in just 14 seconds. this is an excellent car to drive.

Chenu   2015-06-26

The petrol car has a F.I.R.E engine, and it is better over the diesel engine. The pick up and acceleration of the car are great. The overall performance of the car too is great. The power delivery is also good. The car is good when it comes to pulling the heavy loads. The mileage is also great and this is one of the strong cars which can offer you reliable and safe speed.

Muskan   2015-07-08

Wanting a speed car is the dream of many, and the best choice is the Fiat Avventura. The 1.3 liter petrol engine comes with the mutlijet engine, with the maximum power of 88.7 bhp, and the peak torque of 115 NM. The acceleration of the car is great, and this is equipped with great suspension, and the handling mechanism of the car is great. The maximum speed is reached within 14 seconds.

arihat   2015-07-25

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