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How is the suspension system of Fiat Avventura?

By: Sandharb on 2015-07-05

4 Answers:

Independent Wheels Suspension with McPherson Struts, Helical Springs are installed in the front axle of Fiat Avventura, while Torsion Beam, Helical Springs & Double Acting Telescopic Dampers is installed in the rear axle of Fiat Avventura. This mentioned suspension system configuration is perfect to tackle rough road conditions and also provides smooth ride by absorbing shocks. This suspension system also provides good ground clearance. According to all this if you are looking for a car which can easily drive around in every type of Indian roads then this car comes out to be the best option for you.

TeamAutoportal    2015-07-05

Fiat produces some very robust cars and one of the feature which diverts a buyer towards Fiat is its reliable suspension system and Avventura again proves its efficiency. As explained in previous answer, it is equipped with McPherson Struts suspension installed in front axle and helical spring with torsion beam installed in rear wheels of the car. Its suspension system mated with its efficient handling makes it very reliable on all types of roads even at high speeds.

Shabir Hakim    2015-12-06

The suspension system of the Avventura is really cool. Even on toughest roads, it can give you a smooth and comfy ride. The ground clearance of the car is also great. So a comfortable ride is what you will have in the car. The 1248 cc engine is also very powerful and good. The front suspension has got independent McPherson struts, Helical Coil Springs, Double Acting Telescopic Dampers and stabilizer Bar. Rear suspension comprises of Torsion Beam, Helical coil springs and Double Acting Telescopic Dampers. All over, the car is undoubtedly very good. The looks of the car is also good.

Yograj    2015-17-07

Fiat avventura is a cross breed and thus has to take in account off roading along with high speed and cornering with a decent ground clearance. The designers were just able to crack the code and get a perfect combination of suspension. The avventura boasts of independent wheel suspensions with McPherson struts and hellical springs installed in the front axle of the car. Whereas the rear suspension is taken care of by installing a torsion beam with hellical springs and double acting telescopic dampeners.

Himanshu    2015-18-09

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