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Which is the best variant to go for in Fiat Avventura?

By: Parth on 2015-17-05

6 Answers:

Fiat Avventura comes in both diesel and petrol motor options where Fiat Avventura FIRE Active and Fiat Avventura FIRE Dynamic are the petrol motor options. Fiat Avventura MULTIJET Active, Fiat Avventura MULTIJET Dynamic and Fiat Avventura MULTIJET Emotion are the diesel motor options. Now the twist it is impossible for me to judge the perfect variant as every variant have its own cons and pros, while I hardly know about your needs and demands. SO it finally put me to the end that final choice totally depends on customer, so I recommend you to go according to you basic needs.

TeamAutoportal    2015-12-02

There is nothing such as the best variant. Actually, a customer has to decide which variant is best for him according to his budget and feature requirements. Obviously, the higher variants pack extra features and thus. they demand a higher price. Fiat Avventura is available in Indian in total three variants i.e. Active, Dynamic and Emotion. Further, Avventura is available in both Petrol and Diesel, however, the Emotion variant is available only in diesel version.If you are an adventure lover and packs a lot for your weekend trips, Avventura Emotion will be best for you as it has 60:40 split rear seats, roof racks and advanced infotainment system.

Garima    2015-27-02

Fiat Avventura comes in 5 type of variations - FIRE Active, FIRE Dynamic, MULTIJET Active, MULTIJET Dynamic and MULTIJET Emotion. The difference between all these is hard to spot but if you wish to buy then you can check out all these and suit yourself according to your requirement.

Dheeraj    2015-18-06

According to my point of view, the best variant is the Fiat Avventura Diesel multijet 1.3 Emotion. It is the diesel model of the car. I feel it is always good to buy diesel variants rather than petrol variants. So try to buy this one. The car is really good. Go for this variant and you won’t regret. Though the car also has three other variants, this one is the only diesel model. The 1248 cc engine delivers a power of 91.6 bhp at 4000 rpm and a torque of 209 Nm at 2000 rpm. Try this one and you won’t regret.

Sonam    2015-23-07

Fiat Avventura is available in both the petrol and diesel options. Fire Active and Fire Dynamic are the petrol motor options, and the Multijet Active, and Multijet Dynamic are the diesel options. All the variants are great and have their own pros and cons.

Nitin    2015-25-09

It is not easy to come out with the answer which of the Fiat Avventura variants are best. It is all based on the requirements of the customer. When you are going for more features, you will have to pay higher price.

Rohan    2015-27-09

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