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Which is better option a used Tata Indigo Manza or Fiat Linea?

By: Sachin Malik on 2014-23-10

4 Answers:

There are good lot of Tata Manza available on sale in used car segment and it is in par with that of availability of Linea in used car market. Both are good in performance. In diesel version as both feature same diesel engine, the expected performance level is also almost similar. However Linea gets better credit in terms of styling and interior fit and finish and overall drive quality as compared to Manza. Linea boosts the moral of customers with its fine body design which is in par with the very recent cars. However Manza take a back seat in this regard. Further Manza has advantage much better service network than Fiat Linea. Though tere is considerable improvement in service back up, it still struggles. In overall to select one, if you give preference for quality and styling and dont mind to spend bit extra money then Linea is better.

Sonal Gupta    2014-23-10

Among the two entry level sedans in the Indian market- Fiat Linea and Tata Indigo Manza, It is indeed difficult to decide which used car to choose. Used Tata Manza is available at a lower price than used Fiat Linea and also carries more features than the latter. Both the cars carry similar engines and are serviced by the same dealership. Linea scores better in the looks department. So if you desire a long feature list , go for used Tata Manza, and if looks are a priority, opt for used fiat Linea.

Ankit    2014-13-11

Fiat Linea and TATA Indigo Manza are both five seater sedans. Both of them are good looking, but they also have several differences. TATA Manza has an under powered diesel engine compared to the Fiat Linea. Both have 5 speed manual gearbox and have forward wheel drive. If we look inside, then we see that Fiat Linea is furnished with leather, whereas TATA Manza has premium fabric furnishing. The Fiat Linea has several comfort and safety features that are absent in the TATA Manza.

Ojas    2015-08-06

Fiat Linea is both longer and wider than the TATA Manza. While both of them are five seater and are powered by diesel engines of 1248cc displacement capacity, the Fiat Linea engine provides a better power and mileage compared to the TATA Indigo Manza. Fiat Linea also has premium leather furnishing and a wide range of safety and comfort features, which are not present in the TATA Manza. However, as we compare these two cars, we must keep this thing in mind that Fiat Linea is far more expensive than the TATA Indigo Manza.

Mahesh    2015-11-06

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