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I like Fiat Linea a lot and it is best looking car in India. Why it is not performing well?

By: Prashant on 2014-16-12

4 Answers:

Fiat products are one of the best looking cars in the world and coming from Italy, one can say that for sure. Though the Indian innings has not been very successful for this brand after the comeback. Fiat decided to partner with Tata motors for sales and service, which hampered their performance. So Fiat decided to split and set their own network. Fiat is growing in India with 3 vehicles on portfolio. Linea is the sedan and is one of the best looking car in India. It is also a value for money car. But the brand reputation is causing a lot of troubles for the car. We are sure, down the line, Fiat will regain the image and Linea will be a hot-seller.

Sonal Gupta    2014-16-12

Despite being a safe and a sturdy car, Fiat Linea has failed to make a mark in the Indian car market. Its failure to lure the buyers can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, Fiat is not a popular car brand in India and has failed to arouse the buyer’s trust. Secondly, the after sale service network of the company is not very strong. Thirdly, the fuel economy offered by the car is low.

Pankaj    2015-16-01

Fiat is well known for creating some of the best looking car which can easily owns the crown of sleek and sexy looking as this car comes directly from Italy. Fiat Linea is one of the most trusted and famous product from this manufacture initially it got bad name because of performance issues as this product partnerships with Tata Motors but now Fiat Linea is performing on its full as it is now totally comes from Fiat. According to my view if you recently bought this car and facing performance issues then there must be some sort of engine fault in it.

Rajdeep    2015-28-02

Fiat cars are one of the best looking cars in the world not only because they are Italy- manufactured, but also their surprising intend. However, in India, these cars have not been able to make a decent comeback in the Indian arena despite their fetching looks. Their association with Tata Motors too could not fetch them fruitful results. Now, they are knitting the web of their own network and Fiat Linea is leading from the front with two other vehicles. Hopefully, Fiat will surely strike with a bang having Linea as a torchbearer for them.

Makhija    2015-28-02

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