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How speedy and fast is the Fiat Linea?

By: Nish on 2015-07-01

4 Answers:

With three types of engines fitted under, the Linea is very quick off the mark. Its diesel engine can pull up a top speed of 170kmph and can cross the 100kmph in just 13.8 seconds. The petrol “FIRE” version propels it to a top speed of 160kmph and takes around quarter of a minute to reach 100kmph whereas the more powerful T-jet engine takes only 11 seconds to break the 100kmph mark and goes all the way up, to 175kmph!

Shila    2015-07-01

Fiat Linea is an Italian car that focuses more on style than on power. It is powered by both petrol and diesel variants. The diesel engine variant has the ability to attain a top speed in the range of 165 to 175 Kmph. While the petrol trims with a T-Jet power plant allows the sedan to attain a top speed of 170 Kmph, which is rather impressive. On the other hand, the FIRE petrol mill enables the vehicle to achieve a top speed of about 160 Kmph.

Lannen    2015-06-06

The diesel trims of Fiat Linea are fitted with come a 1.3-litre, a multijet power plant that has a total displacement capacity of 1248cc. This engine comprises of 4-cylinders and sixteen valves using a double overhead camshaft based valve configuration. It has the ability to produce a maximum power of 91.7bhp at 4000rpm and yields a peak torque output of 209Nm at 2000rpm, which enable it to attain a speed of 175 Kmph. On the other hand, the petrol variants are fitted with a 1.4-litre, T-Jet petrol mill that comes with a displacement capacity of 1368cc. It can attain a top speed of 170 Kmph. The trim that comes with a 1.4-litre FIRE petrol mill is capable of accelerating to 160Kmph.

Vikram    2015-11-06

Fiat Linea is stlyish as well as a power-pack C-segment sedan. It comes in two fuel variants, the petrol one could reach at a top speed of 160kmph and takes 20 secs to reach at 100kmph speed. On the other hand, the diesel engine variants could reach the a top speed of 170kmph and in just 13.8 sec it can touch 100kmph.  Also, there is a more competetent T Jet engine that could reach at a top speed of 175 kmph and takes just 11 sec to break 100 kmph.

Mukhtyar    2015-22-08

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