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Which is the best color option for Fiat Linea?

By: Neeta on 2015-17-04

5 Answers:

Fiat Linea comes in total of 6 color options for the exterior profile. The colors available are Sunbeam Gold, Magnesio Grey, Tuscan Wine, Minimal Grey, New Pearl White and Hip Hop Black. I personally recommend you to go for Sunbeam Gold because this colors attract attention looks very good on this car, all though all colors are provided in such a way that all looks fabulous on this car. If you want to add some modifications on this then you should go for New Pearl White color because this color highlights your mods and also adopts modifications very easily.

TeamAutoportal    2015-04-04

It is not practically possible to suggest any color as the ‘best’ color option for a car, and the same thing is applicable for Fiat Linea as well. This preference depends upon the taste, likings, profile, and personal choice of the owner. What can be said of Linea is that it comes in six color variants. They are Minimal Gray, Hip Hop Black, Tuscan Wine, Sunbeam Gold, Pearl White and Magnesio Grey. Thus, you have to choose your favourite color option for your Linea from among these colors only, and it will eventually become the ‘best’ color option for you. 

Usha    2015-09-06

Fiat linea comes in 6 color options that include Sunbeam gold, magnesio grey, Tuscan wine, minimal grey, new pearl white and hip hop black. Linea has a beautifully carved body profile that looks even better with high glossy paint. The sedan has been marketed in magnesio grey color that suits the best on it as per my personal choice. Also, Tuscan wine color looks beautiful and adds a unique charm to its elegance.

Vasant    2015-25-09

There are many colours available for this car. But I always prefer the black colour of the car and it does not get easy very dirty and I love how the car looks in pure black. There are metallic and powder coat shades available for the car too so go for it.

Lovlesh    2015-01-10

Not as many as there are for other cars but still you have plenty of options and the car is a total bargain and hence I suggest you go for it. The car is very good and the mileage on it is awesome too so I would always go for this car.

Madhav Kapoor    2015-02-10

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