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Why my Fiat Linea doesn’t start after being unused for about one week?

By: Kamwi Mubonda on 2017-18-04

1 Answers:

It is most likely that your car’s battery might have completely drained. All cars powered initially by the battery, the electrical system runs the starter motor which turns over the engine and allows it to fire up. It also provides the spark to the spark plugs in a petrol engine (to ignite the fuel-air mixture). So determine whether the battery has enough charge to be able to start the car. A quick way to check is to turn on the headlights and blow the horn, if the lights dim and the horn sounds hoarse, you have a nearly flat battery. An old battery drains fast as battery cables lose their effectiveness over time, and as the copper in the cable ages, it loses its conductive properties, so if the battery is old consider buying a new battery and installing it with new cables.

Jatin    2017-18-04

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