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The pickup of my 2010 model Fiat Linea has become poor, what may be the reason?

By: Muhammed Araf Beeman on 2017-23-10

1 Answers:

There may be many possible reasons for poor pickup issue, but the most common ones are dirty or clogged air & fuel filters, oxygen sensor malfunction, timing belt issue, bad or loose spark plug etc. However list of reasons does not end here, the other probable reasons may be the AC compressor might be adding more than the usual load to the engine due to failing compressor or the pulley might be seizing and needs lubrication. So, the exact reason for poor pickup can’t be pinpointed without checking your car in person, hence it is advisable to take your Linea to your local Fiat service center for through inspection and solution.

Karun    2017-23-10

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