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Which is better option Maruti Suzuk Swift or Fiat Punto EVO?

By: Roop on 2014-07-08

7 Answers:

There is tough competition among Swift and Punto since the time of introduction of both. The competition get harder with introduction of facelift version of both the cars. Swift offers you larger interior space, luggage space. In petrol version of it, Swift has only one engine version on offer with power of 83PS. Where as Punto offers two engine versions one delivering power of 68PS and other delivering power of 90PS. Even in diesel versions, Fiat offers multiple options for the customers. As a customer you can choose between economical performance one or sportive performance one as desired. To select one Punto EVO makes a better option specially if you value fun and passion of owning a car than worrying about resale value from the time of buying new one.

Sonal Gupta    2014-07-08

According to fact and figure going for Fiat Punto Evo is much better option then going for Maruti Suzuki Swift. No doubt Maruti Suzuki Swift is youth favorite car but this lacks behind in terms of comfort, safety and reliability while Fiat Punto Evo is much safer and comes with comfortable cabin with long running and reliability factor. The best thing about Fiat Punto Evo is that you will get more features then Maruti Suzuki Swift and you will have better control and good response from the engine which is hardly available in Maruti Suzuki Swift.

kanika    2015-27-02

According to me you should prefer buying Fiat Punto Evo, I own Evo Emotion 1.4 and it has been nothing but great! It is very spacious! It has air bags for passenger and driver which will take care of the security. The performance, interior and exterior is great which will be worth the rate. Overall, the car will prove to be the best buy compared to other cars at the same price!

Sultan    2015-22-06

I agree with the above statement, the car is spacious and worth it. People can sit comfortably on the rear bench with enough head space. The car has proper airbags and comes with EBD and ABS too! Fiat engines are always reliable and this car is no exception. It needs minimal servicing compared to Maruti Swift. Also, if you choose the right colour, the car will look appealing. I love this car!

Manish    2015-23-06

The car offers amazing features and looks! Like me, if you are looking for great sporty car with reliable engine, Fiat Punto Evo is your car! It has good value for money paid. The transmission is smooth. The looks are unique and classy; it stands out immediately on the road. I have been driving the car for about 6 months now and it has been very comfortable and convenient. Worth it!

Ishant    2015-24-06

I agree with the above answers about the engine of Fiat Punto Evo. I have purchased an excellent and all rounder car! The gear box is very smooth and placed accurately. There is no noise inside and can drive composed and calmly at a steady speed. The wheels are smooth with efficient brakes. I love the exterior and interior design too! Fiat Punto Evo is a very good car at a reasonable price.

Amar    2015-25-06

I agree with the above answer, I recently bought this car and the performance has been excellent. Space of the car is the advantage in Fiat Punto Evo than Maruti Swift. The seats are comfortable. The car has proved to be a blessing for big families like mine! The clutch, gear box, steering and wheels are smooth adding to that AC is very good giving a relaxed driving experience. Definitely the best but would be Fiat Punto Evo!

Kapil    2015-26-06

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