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What points to take care of for maintenance of long term usage of the car?

By: Banwari on 2014-03-07

3 Answers:

Fiat Punto EVO is still a new launch variant with history of proven performance. Fiat offers three years warranty for this car. Service interval of 15,000km once is a huge advantage for the customers. It he;[s yp use the car for long term before heading for getting service of the same. Hence maintenance wont be that problem with it. A regular maintenance as per schedule would be good enough to maintain the car for long term. You can also use premium quality of fuel and engine oils for smoother operation of engine. Getting antirust teflon coating done yearly once or two years once would help a lot. Minor tips like maintianing correct wheel alignment, wheel balancing and maintianig acurate tyre pressure would help.

Sonal Gupta    2014-03-07

The best way to get maximum out of vehicles life is to follow the maintenance sheet as mentioned in the owner’s manual which comes with the vehicle. Fiat Punto Evo is a hatchback so I recommend you not to overload the car buy carrying extra luggage because it could harm to suspension system and leads to some minor faults in the engine as engine have to carry extra load. Finally I recommend you to use only genuine parts because local parts should leads to major problem results in lower running life.

Kanak    2015-08-02

For long term usage, one should follow the guidelines written by the company for maintaining the car in the right way. For servicing, always check out the authorised service station instead of local service centre. Buy original spare parts, they are costly but for a long run they proof beneficial. On-time servicing is must along wit regular oil change, cleaning, wheel balancing, tyre pressure maintaining. Fiat offers 3 free servicing for Punto evo, among which first service should be done after 5000 kms or 6 months.

Anmol    2015-13-05

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