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Which is better diesel or petrol variant of Fiat Grande Punto?

By: Sushobhit on 2014-15-12

3 Answers:

Fiat Punto Evo comes in total set of 7 variant options available which includes both diesel and petrol mill where Fiat Punto Evo Active 1.2, Fiat Punto Evo Dynamic 1.2 and Fiat Punto Evo Emotion 1.4 are the petrol variants while Fiat Punto Evo Active Multijet 1.3 ,Fiat Punto Evo Dynamic Multijet 1.3,Fiat Punto Evo Emotion Multijet 1.3 and Fiat Punto Evo Multijet 1.3 90 hp are diesel variants and it is impossible to conclude that which motor or variant is best as these options are designed to provide different set of options and helps Fiat to cover more customers.According to me if customer is more concerned about travelling long prices more often then the diesel motor is the perfect option for him while on other hand if customer is more concerned to maintenance cost then he should definitely go for Petrol motor. This concludes that final choice stays to the customer selection.



Sonal Gupta    2014-15-12

Fiat Punto Evo is the amazing hatchback who owns the Crown of being the famous car of the young generation because of amazing profile. Fiat Punto Evo is available in both diesel and petrol motor before choosing between these two motors user should keep in mind that whether you pick any of these he needs up to pay same amount because if the consumer goes for diesel then he have to pay more for maintenance and if consumer foes for petrol the he have pay extra money for running cost.

Mr. Gupta    2014-17-12

It can not be concluded that which one is better among diesel and petrol engine. Both the diesel and petrol motors have their pros and cons. The petrol being a cleaner fuel, the petrol engine needs lower maintenance over a period of time and also do not suffer from starting problems in winters. The diesel motors demands more and frequent maintenance. Starting diesel mills have always been a headache in winters. The petrol engine is always rated less efficient than the diesel motor but I think that this difference only comes out when you drive on highways. On city rides both gives almost same efficiency.

Pankaj    2015-25-04

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