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Which is the best color option for Fiat Punto Evo?

By: Diwakar on 2015-14-03

5 Answers:

Glirati Gold, Magnesio Grey, Pearl White, Tuscan Wine, Minimal Grey, Exotic Red and Hip Hop Black are the names of color options available in Fiat Punto Evo for its exterior profile. All colors are well selected i.e. you can go for any color and you get the same result of receiving a nice looking hatchback. According to most bought color of above is Tuscan Wine for this hatchback, which means you can follow the crowd by going with the same color or you can try other colors after all colors have same preference and style on this car.

TeamAutoportal    2015-14-03

FIAT is renowned for making strong but stylish cars. The new Fiat Punto evo is a facelift version of Fiat Punto which was already famous for its unique design. This fresh facelift has a renewed design and style cues. Fiat has come up with seven different colours in punto evo i.e. Glitterati Gold, Magnesio Grey, Exotica red, Minimal Grey, Hip hop black, Tuscan Wine and Pearl White. The Glitterati Gold is the signature colour of Punto Evo. There is no such best colour as all the colours look vibrant and beautiful. However, the metallic colours are costlier than pure white colour.

Kamya    2015-21-03

Fiat Punto is a classy hatchback with the hint of sporty look combining with luxury interior amenities. Alongside, Fiat has landed Punto Evo in 7 radiat shades of Magnesio Grey, Exotica red, Glitterati Gold, Minimal Grey, black, Tuscan Wine and Pearl White. According to me, Gold shade looks extremely royal on Punto evo, this might be the reason it is market in this color only. For subtle looks, you can go for evergreen white or minimal grey shades.

Jaya    2015-13-05

I always prefer the white color because it costs less and it is easy to maintain. I hate any other color because they get faded away and the fact the car is just cool in white makes me wanna go for white. You should too go for the white color of the car.

hardeep tevatiya    2015-26-05

The black color of the car is good and I prefer it because it doesn’t get easily dirty and dirt is not seen on it. Also it keeps sun away. The main factor is car looks sexy in black. But g for you fav color at the end of the day.

soniya rani    2015-27-05

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