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I bought Fiat Punto Evo in this year (2016) but why some parts like windshield, windows glass and tyres manufacturing year is mentioned as 2015?

By: Darshan on 2016-06-04

1 Answers:

Vehicles manufactures around the world use a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can be decoded to reveal the manufacturing Month & Year. Each vehicle has a unique VIN, in India it is also called chassis number and it shows the manufacturing year of a vehicle, as per user reviews if the ninth letter of Fiat Punto car’s chassis number is “E” it means it is 2015 made and if it is “F” then it is 2016 made, VIN mainly informs about engine and chassis manufacturing date but not about each little things of the vehicle like windshield, windows glass etc, but if they have installed some used and low quality spare or accessories you have a register complaint the dealer.

Charu    2016-06-04

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