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I own a Fiat Punto Emotion which was delivering 21 – 22kmpl on highways and 17-18kmpl in the city. There has been a sudden drop in the average and now I’m getting around 15kmpl on highways. I have changed the air pipes and filter but the problem still continues. What is the possible reason and how can I rectify it?

By: Ruby on 2016-02-06

1 Answers:

You have been getting a mileage that is more than what the company claims. If you’re getting 15kmpl then even that is higher than what Ford is claiming for its vehicle therefore your car should be alright. You might have changed something in terms of the roads on which you’re driving, your driving style or the quality of fuel that is going in the car.
Other than this, there are a lot of things that can be wrong if you’re getting a low mileage including an incorrect oil, dirty air filter, slipping clutch or transmission, low tires, worn out spark plugs etc. You should just send your car for a full check-up. Though, there seems to be nothing wrong with your car. 

Kalpana    2016-02-06

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