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I just have bought Fiat Punto Evo Emotion, it delivers me a mileage of 14.9 kmpl on highway and 13.3 kmpl in city, how can I improve it?

By: Pavan on 2016-28-12

1 Answers:

The claimed mileage of Punto Evo Emotion is 20 kmpl, as per user reviews it delivers 18-19 kmpl on highway and 14-15 kmpl in city, depending upon driving style and driving conditions. As you just have purchased new car, so the friction between the engine parts is also presently at the maximum hence it is not delivering optimum mileage, generally a new car delivers optimum mileage after first service and fuel efficiency is also vastly depends on driving style, things like over-using clutch, aggressive driving, inappropriate gear selection etc. consumes more fuel, so avoid these things and keep tyres properly inflated, drive in the highest gear possible on highway, avoid excessive idling, and always close the windows with AC on the drive.c

Sohan    2016-28-12

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