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Should I buy a 2013 model of Fiat Punto which has driven to 23K kms, it is in good running condition? What is the difference in performance between 2013 model and current model?

By: Arpit mishra on 2017-05-02

1 Answers:

In my opinion it would be good to buy the 2013 model of Fiat Punto as it has driven only 23000 kms in four years and also as per your experience it is running well. Before making purchase you should read the RC carefully, make sure whether odometer hasn’t been tampered, check body paint and tyres condition and engine bay for signs of any repair/leaks/fluid levels etc. You may also take some skilled mechanic to inspect that car for you thoroughly.

Performance wise old Punto and new Punto Evo both are same, they are powered same petrol and diesel engines, hence they produce same power & torque figures and there is not much difference in their ride quality.

Ashwani    2017-05-02

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