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About Force

Force Motors is a reputed automobile company based in India. This auto giant manufactures various automotive products like multi utility vehicles, three wheelers, cross country vehicles and various other vehicles for commercial purpose. NK Firodia brought Force in existence in 1958 year and later it was acquired partially by other auto giant Bajaj Auto. Force has also collaborated with various leading automotive names like Bosch, MAN and Daimler, ZF. However, the main focus of Force is on commercial vehicles, yet it also manufactures passenger vehicles since 2011. Force arrived in SUV segment with its first SUV model which is called Force One.

Force Motors & Its Products:
Apart from making passengers and commercial vehicle, Force has also developed several auto parts like engines, gear boxes, bodies, chassis and axles. In the attempt to enter personal vehicles’ segment, Force introduced Force One which was the first SUV produced by the company. Force One was followed by multiple other SUV models and MPVs. As of now, it has a dynamic range of products belonging to various segments. May it be a multi utility vehicle, small commercial vehicle, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle or agricultural products, Force products will surely be seen there in every segment.

For details, visit Force India's official website.