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Force One Ground Clearance

Force One
  • Force One Ground Clearance in mm 205 mm
  • Force One Ground Clearance in Inches 8.07 inches
  • Force One Ground Clearance in cm 20.50 cm
  • Force One Ground Clearance in Feet 0.67 feet

By virtue of its design and utility, a SUV needs to travel on all kinds of terrain especially the rough ones. And with a high 205 mm of ground clearance, Force One is perfectly suited to take on the rough and tumble of the Indian countryside. Be it moving uphill, on the rugged countryside or on the bumps laden city roads, Force One manages to glide over any surface. And especially during the rainy days when roads disappear under a thick sheet of water, the high ground clearance comes handy to tackle such eventuality.


Force One vies for attention in the automobile market against players like Toyota Innova, Mahindra XUV 500 and Mahindra Scorpio, wherein Toyota Innova with 176 mm, Mahindra XUV 500 with 200 mm and Mahindra Scorpio with 180 mm of deck clearance are no match against 205 mm sported by the rugged Force One. Therefore, it goes without saying that the ground clearance of Force One is a significant contributor to the inherent appeal of the SUV.

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Force One Ground Clearance Comparison

Compare ground clearance of Force One with its immediate competitors. Ground clearance of Force One competes directly with and Mahindra Scorpio. Put straight, any ground clearance crossing 170mm is considered to be decent, whereas, in case the ground clearance of a car is below 160mm, it's not good for Indian roads. Another thing that should be considered while making a buying decision is that cars with ground clearance of less than 160mm would be fine if the intended driving terrain doesn't have any bumps. Think of what sort of roads do you have in your locality and at your expected visits, then zero down your purchase.

Force One

Compare Force One Ground Clearance with Alternatives

  • Price
  • Ground Clearance in mm
  • Ground Clearance in inches
  • Ground Clearance in cm
  • Ground Clearance in feet
  • Force One
  • 205 mm
  • 8.07 inches
  • 20.50 cm
  • 0.67 feet
  • Tata Safari Storme
  • 200 mm
  • 7.87 inches
  • 20.00 cm
  • 0.66 feet
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • 220 mm
  • 8.66 inches
  • 22.00 cm
  • 0.72 feet

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