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Ford EcoSport Fuel Tank Capacity

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport has a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters

Ford EcoSport has a fuel tank capacity of 52 litres. According to Automotive Researcgh Association of India (ARAI) figures, mileage delivered by the Ford EcoSport comes to around 17.6kmpl on the highway while within city limits, the mileage drops down to 15.8kmpl. Mahindra Thar, one of the close competitors of the Ford EcoSport has a larger fuel tank than the Ford EcoSport. The fuel tank of the Mahindra Thar consists of 60 litres. Mahindra Bolero has the same fuel tank capacity as that of the Mahindra Thar. ICML Rhino Rx has the smallest fuel tank in the category. The fuel tank of the ICML Rhino Rx comprises of 50litres. Force Gurkha on the other hand, has the largest fuel tank of 63 litres.

For proper maintenance of the fuel tank of the Ford EcoSport, the tank and its adjoining fittings should be regularly coated with paint to prevent corrosion by rust. If any problem persists, the vehicle should immediately be taken to the nearest authorised service centre. 

Ford EcoSport Fuel Tank Capacity Comparison

Compare fuel tank capacity of Ford EcoSport with its immediate competitors. Fuel tank capacity of Ford EcoSport competes directly with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Renault Duster 2015, Volkswagen Polo, and Nissan Terrano. Together put, any fuel tank capacity above 45 Litres is more than decent, however, if the fuel tank capacity if less than 40, you need to hold and think. In case you often drive long distances, a 40 litres and beyond fuel tank capacity will be good for you. On the other hand, if commuting between home to office is what you intend to do with your car, you may consider even 30 Litres to be sufficient as well.

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