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Is the automatic transmission better than the manual transmission?

By: y p malik on 2015-22-05

10 Answers:

Hello Y.P Malik..

Today's automatic gearbox are technologically advance and are capable of delivering better mileage than the automatic variants of the cars. The automatic gerabox on the EcoSport can be used as manual as well as automatic. The automatic would deliver slightly lower fuel efficiency. The automatic gearbox on the EcoSport is not very impressive. The manual can be operated by using a button on the gear lever which is oddly placed. 


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-26-05

It is difficult to give an answer to this question in clear black and white. Both the manual and the automatic gearbox has their positives and negatives. It will be important for a newbie to have the support of the automatic gearbox so that he or she does not have to constantly check, whether to change the gear or not. For the automatic gearbox will read the situation and change the gear according to the situation requirement. Though in an automatic gearbox car the mileage is poor compared to the manual gearbox of the same model.

Samar    2015-01-06

The automatic gearbox is very important if you are in a busy traffic situation and do not want to be distracted by always looking out for changing the gear with the changing situation. Similarly the first time driver will always opt for the automatic gearbox option. As it gives him or her the freedom to concentrate on the real issue of negotiating through the traffic and not be distracted in always changing the gear. The manual gearbox on the other hand give you a lot of control over your car and you can control the rpm according to your needs that in turn can improve the fuel efficiency of the car.

Dharam    2015-03-06

Automatic transmission is what, that is much preferred by the potential buyers, and delivering better mileage is available here too. the same gearbox is used in the manual transmission and the automatic transmission cars of Ford Ecosport. The manual can be operated using a button. but this button is oddly placed. The automatic cars have lesser fuel economy compared with the manual transmission. But it has to be understand that each has its own advantages.

Rushaan    2015-25-06

Both the manual and automatic transmission versions of the Ford Ecosport have their own pros and cons. So, it is not easy to answer the question with a yes or no. changing the gear is not an easy task, especially for the new drivers. So, going for the automatic gearbox is a good option. The automatic gear box reads the situation and change automatically. But the fuel efficiency is lesser in the case.

Dev    2015-04-07

The automatic gearbox is a technological advancement. The Ecosport can be driven both in the automatic transmission and the manual transmission too. The car has less fuel efficiency, in the lighter scale. The manual transmission can be operated with a single button touch. The manual transmission is not very impressive.

Yuvank    2015-17-09

The manual and automatic transmissions have their set of pros and cons, and it is not possible to answer which is better with a single term. For the newbies, automatic gearbox is a good option, as he or she need not look for changing gears often. But the mileage of the car is reduced when using the automatic gearbox, when compared with the manual gearbox.

Harshit    2015-19-09

A few people feel it irksome to change the gears when the traffic is huge. If you are one of them, then you can find the automatic gearbox an advantage. When you use the manual gearbox in Ecosport, you have the edge of higher control in the car. The fuel efficiency of the car too is higher.

Garchit    2015-21-09

The potential buyers of all cars prefer the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission in all the cars reduces the fuel efficiency, and the same is the case with the Ecosport. Manual transmission offers you better rpm and control over the car. You can find both having own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Rishank    2015-23-09

Ford Ecosport is available for the users with the manual and automatic transmission, and you can find both having their own benefits, and letdowns. The new drivers can find it easy to use the automatic transmission, while manual transmission has higher fuel efficiency. You need to choose the best one based on your requirements.

Gurmeet    2015-25-09

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