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Does Ford EcoSport lack efficiency and pickup when driving on hills? Also, I've heard that the tyres of the car skid when the vehicle goes uphill. Is the car worth buying? Please comment.

By: Durgesh on 1 june 2016

1 Answers:

The Ford EcoSport has a powerful engine 1.5 litre engine for both its petrol and diesel variants. The 1.0 litre ecoboost engine is smaller as compared to the others but it gives a higher mileage using lesser power. The 1.5 litre engines offer 98bhp which is enough for any vehicle even for steep climbs. Climbs also depend a lot on the driver as well. There is no doubt that the 1.5 litre engines have enough capacity and power to ride up a steel hill, one just needs to ensure that the appropriate gear is applied while doing so and also that this is done with confidence. Secondly, this skidding of tyres can happen to any car if it isn’t driven properly on the hills. You need to have a proper coordination of braking and acceleration to avoid the same.
Overall, personally I like the EcoSport and feel that it is quite a confident car. You can most certainly opt for it but I would suggest that you take a test drive to get a feel of the car and to judge better.  

Nafisa   2016-06-01

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