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Could you please explain how to use navigation with Ford EcoSport’s Sync 3 infotainment system?

By: K N Murthy on 2017-30-12

1 Answers:

To build your route destination-by-destination using Ford EcoSport’s Sync 3 navigation, perform the following steps:

• To access the navigation feature, press the Settings icon in the feature bar, and then press the Navigation icon.

• Press the Destination icon to set a destination. This option lets you enter a specific address or use a variety of search methods to get where you want to go. Tap anywhere on the touchscreen map to activate Map mode, which lets you interact with the map’s interface to navigate to a destination.

• You can also press the Search icon to enter a street address, intersection, city or a point of interest (POI). Type the information into the search bar (like you would for a search engine), and press Search. SYNC then delivers search results based on your individual preferences. Note: This feature is disabled when the vehicle is in motion.

• You can also choose a destination by pressing one of the Point of Interest (POI) icons in the category list.

• To set a destination using Map mode, tap and hold your finger on the map, and a viewfinder will appear. Move the touchscreen to position your desired location under the viewfinder. The capacitive touchscreen allows you to interact with the map by using convenient swiping, zooming and pinching gestures, similar to those used with your smartphone.

After you’ve chosen your destination, press Start Route. The system then uses a variety of screens and visible prompts to guide you to your destination.

Subramaniyam s.    2017-30-12

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