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How is maintenance of this car?

By: Ganish on 7 january 2015

7 Answers:

Ford Vehicles have standard image of high quality of vehicle as whole. Endeavor is a trend setter in the segment for its rough and tough utility without any compromise on luxury too. Though it can perform really well on long drives. A close inspection of vehicle and observation of unsual noise in any or any discomofort in driving  would give clue of any trouble that could arise.
TeamAutoportal   2015-01-07

Ford Endeavour is one of the most trustworthy SUV of its class and there should be no doubt that apart from other SUV this car comes with relatively low maintenance cost and low running cost. This reasonability factor is possible because of hard work and years of precisions and brand like Ford has this unique character. According to me if you want to maximize your Ford Endeavour life then you should strictly follow the maintenance chart as mentioned in the user manual of this car.

Shubroto   2015-01-28

Car of Ford is the one class of vehicles which really creates a great impression of being luxurious and lush. There is no doubt in it and it therefore demands great care overall. Though rugged body of Ford car bear anything still its handling with precaution is necessary. The drive is perfect with more or less bearable noise capacities except at times when it becomes too much to handle.

Mannu   2015-06-09

The car is really a hard core off roader. One can always make use of it for all the big and long trips. The fact that its maintenance is easy and facile is proved by its super flexible handling styles. One can take it on a long journey whenever required with least maintenance required. The cost of maintenance is really lesser than other SUVs which is a plus point for this car.

Avesh   2015-06-12

The maintenance of the car is low but it is not a fuel efficient car. It is known for its rugged look that I am not just a car on the road. It is better and bigger than the previous Ford cars and delivers 10kmpl mileage which is I know is not excellent. If you are looking for fuel efficient car then don’t go for this car otherwise it is the best.

Manoj   2015-06-23

The maintenance of the car is near to the ground but it is not a pocket friendly car. It is known for its rough look that I am not just a car on the street. It is improved and larger than the previous Ford cars and gives 10kmpl mileage which is not excellent. If you are looking for fuel competent car then don’t go for this car or else it is the best.

Shrawan   2015-06-27

I also believe that the maintenance cost should not be very high. As when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car then its natural, we will expect everything from the car. If it is very expensive then why would any buyer attract to buy that car? Car should also look great and I am happy with this Ford car as it is low in repairs and maintenance.

Malik   2015-06-30

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