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What is the acceleration of Ford Figo?

By: Madhusoodan on 15 may 2014

2 Answers:

Ford Figo accelerates just "OKAY".
With an satisfaying top speed of 152 Km/h this car requires like 14.8s to spirint to 100.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-05-15

The acceleration of Ford Figo is not very good but above average as you will feel the punchy character but still feel some sluggishness as it requires 14.8 seconds to hit mark speed of 100km/hr in a single straight line spirit and maximum speed stuck at 152km/hr which is good when you see the numbers but it requires efforts to reach this speed. Overall if you planning to but this car for daily use then this hatchback is com out to be the perfect choice because you hardly get chance to hit good three digit speed.

Jasvinder   2014-06-12

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