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How good are the seats of Ford Figo?

By: Rajan on 10 december 2014

3 Answers:

By now Ford engineers have worked hard to remove almost all the flaws which were present in earlier models and this final most product of Ford Figo shows that how good are the engineers of Ford. The interior of Ford Figo blessed with best in class upholstery to enhance the every detail of the interior as this new interior of Ford Figo comes with so many cosmetic and offset changes. This new interior of Ford Figo includes refined designed of ac vents with improved central console which includes all A/C controls with entertainment system made from heavy plastic grade. The seats of Ford Figo is also improved from older model and this final edition of Ford Figo seats provides decent siting space for all passengers with comfortable and cushioned seats which helps rider to sit easily and comfortably for long road trips. Overall Ford Figo is very comfortable to drive and sit because of seats selection.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-10

The cabin of Ford Figo manages to provide decent driving experience which is not possible without the presence of air conditioner with the support of heater and comfortable seats. The seats of Ford Figo are well designed to provide maximum driving pleasure for long road trips as seat have perfect dip to fit the passengers in it and hence provide good back and leg support where well cushioned character is like extra marks over the mark sheet of seats. Overall you will feel very much comfortable while sitting on these seats.

Arman   2015-02-13

Seats of Figo are totally comfortable. They have been designed with good quality material which have been not complained till now for any lack of quality.The central console of car is having all the automated features with proper temperature control system. The entertainment system is also very much suitable to make things work for recreation of persons using the car. The dip of seats are perfect for passengers for any long trip.

Ruhtas   2015-06-19

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