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What are the new features of Ford Figo?

By: Wazid on 10 january 2015

9 Answers:

The new Figo comes all the across the range at Rs 3000 – Rs 5000 premium which is indeed a slightly off the beat thing about it. For the very fundamnetal feature of base 1.2 petrol it comes within Rs 3.85 lakh and rises high upto Rs 6 lakh for specialized Titanium diesel version of this car. Thus it comes out to be a very good money value car with no regrets later or immediately.The facelift provides the Figo a whole new list of features which ultimately makes it more competent than previous versions. There could have a better thing of giving it a power window at the rear end which was missing in this car .This can turn down a few customers.The engine line up has similar aspects as 1.4-litre Duratorq diesel and as 1.2-litre Duratec petrol.

TeamAutoportal   2015-01-10

The new features of Ford Figo include cosmetic upgrades to the exteriors and the interiors. The exteriors have been redesigned with the Kinetic theme and now come with edgy headlamps, fog lamp surrounds, larger grille, ORVMs with turn indicators and rear bumper valence. There are two new exterior shades- Bright Yellow and Kinetic Blue. The interiors have a new blue and grey colour theme which is visible on seats, door handles and central console. The price for petrol variants starts at 3.87lakhs and for diesel variants it starts at 4.83lakhs.

Tavleen   2015-02-18

Ford Figo is of the most favorite hatchback in Indian market as this hatchback her created is unique space in most favorite cars because of good performance numbers without compromising in fuel economy numbers. The new facelift avatar has adopted some of new features like wide head lights and better and efficient steering system which perfectly fines with the rider commands and then finally the refinement in engine leads to better and smooth ride as compared to old models.

samaya   2015-03-21

Ford Figo is definitely the good car with an attractive built structure overall. The nose of the car is definitely the unique thing about it. Also the lower and uppper grille have been positioned in such a way that they actually give a boost to its look. The upper grille is slim which gives it a sporty look overall.The technical looking headlamps and wheel arches made prominently add a lot to the front end already looking dramatic.

Heena   2015-03-30

Figo has been launched with a horde of new features. The engine has seen drastic changes for positive side. Also the performance has been increased owing to its calibrated engine capacity. The drive quality is one of the best things about it. There are comforts of its spacious interiors and convenient cabin ambience. There is also an edge in its headlamps, its grille and fog lights. Thus its super equipped this time.

Himanshu   2015-06-19

Ford Figo happens to be the car that fits into the budget of many people. But, the top end model goes up to 6 lakhs, which is the Titanium version. This car is good value for money, because there is good ride quality, suspension, mileage, and comfort. The car is very much competent compared with the predecessors. The facelift makes the car look even more elegant. A whole lot of new features are introduced.

Pushkar   2015-06-24

The exteriors and the interiors of the Ford Figo have undergone lots of changes in the facelift. The kinetic theme adds to the style and looks. The headlamps, fog lamp surrounds, larger grille, ORVMs, rear bumper balance, and lot more. The shades of color available newly are Bright Yellow and the Kinetic Blue. The color theme is blue and grey combo. The same is visible on the door handles and the seats.

Pawan   2015-07-25

This is the most popular hatchback of India, and the often preferred one. The car offers good performance, and the fuel economy of the car is also great. The facelift of the car has only done more good to the exteriors. The headlights, efficient steering, and the perfect lines about the car are very great. the ride offered is smooth. Compared with the predecessors it is great in both the exteriors and the features.

Ishaan   2015-07-10

The attractive structure is not only something that has to be appreciated in the Ford Figo. The performance and features too are very alluring. The car has a sporty grille, and the headlamps have a technical look. The front and the rear of the car look very great and dashing. The engine capacity has been increased too, and the performance is also great. the drive quality is also the best.

Majel   2015-07-31

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