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Is the Ford Figo manufactured in India? Also, are the Ford cars mostly manufactured in USA which results to their higher costs? Do mention how the place of manufacturing affects the final product?

By: Edel on 7 july 2016

1 Answers:

Manufacturing of different cars is done in different places therefore it’s difficult to make a generic statement regarding the same. Ford is an American car maker and a lot of its cars are developed and manufactured there but the company has manufacturing plant in Chennai, India as well where they can produce nearly 150,000 cars on a two shift bases.
As for the new Ford Figo, the car is being manufactured in India at the new Maraimalai Nagar facility in Chennai.
The basics of a car do not change depending on the area where it is manufactured but at times there are certain models that come in as Completely Built Units while some come in a Completely Knocked down units whereas others are manufactured locally completely but none of this affects the consumer is any way or the other except in terms of prices. There are no compromises or changes made depending on the facilities where the car is being manufactured. 

John    2016-07-07

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