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What is the resale value for a Ford Figo Titanium? Also, are the spare parts of Ford costlier than others?

By: Rajesh Kumar on 26 july 2016

1 Answers:

Ford Figo has a decent resale value but this value mostly depends upon how the vehicle has been driven previously. For instance if the vehicle has undergone a few accidents and has been driven very roughly then the suspension will have begun to make noise and plus the ride would have become stiffer over the years. All this will definitely adversely affect the re-sale value of the vehicle.

Coming to the spare part costs of a Ford vehicle; yes these are a little towards the expensive side when one compares them with the costs of a Maruti and Hyundai. This is mainly due to the fact that the spare parts of a Maruti and Hyundai are readily available at all times because of their large sales volume in all parts of the country. The Ford vehicles however don’t have such a high volume of sales and hence do not have readily available spare parts which leads to a higher price tag due to lower demand. 

Guru   2016-07-26

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