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I get my car serviced at the Bhagat Ford at Amritsar. During the last service, I noticed that my car was washed from under the hood as well. I’ve now found some rust on the tip of my silencer. Is this because my mechanic used water? If so, then this can lead to rusting of parts that are not covered with nickel paint. Can this affect the life of my car? Also, what is the best possible solution for me here on?

By: Puneet on 28 july 2016

1 Answers:

If there is rust on any part of your car, you need to get that part checked. The rust may or may not be due to the use of water because I’m sure that an authorised service center knows their business because it is their daily job and they are careful about it. However, if this has happened, you need to get it checked.

All manufacturers always provide a layer of anti-corrosion on the essential parts of the engine as well as under the body. However, after you get the parts checked, also get an anti-corrosive spray done on your vehicle from an authorized service station on the underbody of the vehicle as well as on the engine to protect it from moisture. Ideally there should be an 8mm or so thick layer of the anti-corrosive spray while what companies offer is usually 3-5mm. 

kannu   2016-07-28

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