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I am confused to choose among New Honda Amaze, Ford Free Style and Maruti Suzuki Baleno, please suggest me which one would be a best choice in terms of riding comfort, rear seat legroom, quality and value for money.

By: Kamesh on 2018-18-06

1 Answers:

All the three cars have a different styling approach but still all of them are very good looking in their own way. All are sub 4-meter hatchbacks and there is no significant difference between their dimensions.

Now, let’s compare them by your preferences:

The ride quality, so Baleno focuses on driving pleasure, while Amaze focuses on offering better passenger comfort, also one of the reasons behind its success. The suspension of Amaze feels softer, and it feels more comfortable in city. The Baleno and Freestyle aren’t far behind though despite a slightly stiffer setup.

The rear seat comfort of Baleno and Amaze almost same now, as new Amaze comes with better wheelbase and that does translate into more space., while the rear seat legroom of Freestyle is marginally less.

Talking about build quality, here Ford shines, the build quality of Freestyle is excellent and the fit-finish is excellent too. Maruti is not known for top notch built quality, while Amaze also has good build quality, but in my opinion not as good as Freestyle.

If you are looking for value for money, the Baleno is better compared to the Amaze and Freestyle, adding to that is the post sales service of the Maruti, which is the best in the country.

Verdict – Baleno and Amaze looks similar in this comparison, Amaze excels in ride quality while Baleno in value for money, but the build quality of Amaze is a bit better than Baleno, so considering your preferences, I would advise you for Amaze.

akhil    2018-18-06

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