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How is drive quality of Amaze?

By: rajram on 1 june 2014

3 Answers:

The driving of Amaze is a cool experience, thanks to its smooth performance petrol engine and powerful diesel engine. It has everything you look for from a premium sedan, a smooth steering assures you easy driving in any types of roads such as a city road or a congested and spoilt road needing cautious steering to avoid running over potholes. A very smooth steering on high ways allows you to steer off easily while overtaking other cars and other verhicles. The suspension is designed to take most of the common road shocks. However one must be bit extra careful while driving on road humps. Slowing down the vehicle to minimum speed would be helpful.

Sonal Gupta   2014-06-01

Amaze is good enough to carrry over Indian roads. But most of the times it feels tacky to carry it as per one's time s it is really lethargic in its automtic versions. The diesel variant of car has got a really punch while driving with a flexible suspension. Also during drive one is seldom disturbed by the irritating noise of its diesel variant.Thus overall a comfortable ride is what Amaza gives.

Prashant   2015-06-18

Car has got an awesome and smooth ride quality. There is absolutely no reason that you won't like its ride. The suspension is flexible. The drone of car is not that much but sometimes it irritates people around. The engine of car is linear which makes it even more responsive. Thus a quick and brisk drive is very much possible amidst heavy traffic. Thus car is utterly manageable in all cases.

Hiten   2015-06-25

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