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I want to exchange my punto diesel to honda amaze model 10-2013 with run 22000km ?

By: Ashok Dhawale on 31 march 2015

3 Answers:

Hey Ashok Dhawale !!

Honda Amaze is a great selection as a stylish entry level sedan. Its available in both petrol and diesel versions. You can sell the existing car at used car section of Honda dealership and use it as down payment for buying new car. The sales advisors at dealership would be ready to help you in this regard. A good negotiation would fetch maximum resale value for the used car.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-02

If you compare Punto (diesel version) with Honda Amaze (diesel version; VX O iDTEC) then the first thing that will hit your attention is the mileage. Amaze offers much higher mileage than Punto. For instance, Punto gives about 17.1 kilometers per hour within city and 20.5 kilometers per liter in the highways in comparison to Amaze with an average mileage of 21.0 kilometers per liter in city and 25 kilometers per liter in the highway. Therefore, even if you are buying an amaze that has run for 22000 kilometers then you will not be entirely at the receiving end. In addition, Punto comes with a greater fuel tank capacity of 45 liters as compared to Amaze’s 35 liters fuel tank capacity. The engine power of Mamze is not better if you compare it with that of Amaze. This is because Punto features 1248 cc engine and Amaze comes with 1498 cc engine. Besides these, the standard features like power steering, anti lock braking system, power windows, leather upholstery, plush leather upholstery, etc. are same for both these Honda and Fiat cars.

Kamraj   2015-04-10

It is very difficult to give yo a straight answer to this question because some features that are better in Honda Amaze and some features are more improved in Fiat Punto. For instance, if you consider the mileage of Honda Amaze with that of Fiat Punto then the former will always show better performance. But if you compare their braking system and suspensions then Fiat Punto has better reasons to win votes than that of Honda Amaze. Actually, the braking system of Punto features Ventilated Disc brake in the front with Drum type rear brakes. This is not so in case of Amaze with comes with basic disc and drum brakes. Likewise, the front suspension of Punto comes with Independent Wheels Suspension with Mcpherson Struts, Helical Springs and Torsion Beam, Helical Springs & Double Acting Telescopic suspension at the rear. On the contrary, Amaze features basic Mcpherson Strut suspension and Torsion Beam in the rear and front respectively. However, while the steering column of Punto is simple Tilt Steering with power steering mechanism, the steering column of Amaze features Tilt & Collapsible Steering type with power steering mechanism. Again, you gain in case of the warranty time offered by Amaze because the vehicle comes with distance warranty of 40000kms. On the contrary, Fiat Punto offers warranty time on 1,00,000kms only. Since you are planning to buy an used Amaze so these specifications will help you in deciding whether you will gain out of the deal or not.

Raghav   2015-04-16

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