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What are the unique things in Honda Amaze?

By: Jaagir on 10 april 2015

10 Answers:

The car has got a pleasing price range. People are rushing in the ruck of potential buyers of this car. It all is not without reason.The looks of the car have been revamped.The grille has been revised with two chrome strips. The rear designing has been invested with more costs and engineering.The boot making is done consciously with neat and arranged fashion.The wheelbase length makes the rear seat legroom more comfortable.Also boot is upright in all sense.

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-10

Honda Amaze is indeed a car to go for office goers. There is enough space in it for passeners. Also the comfort level is very good. The car is enough in size to be handled quite well in traffic.It is compact. The space for luggage is also adequate in it. The powerful engine it has got is really well and it is linear as well. The interiors are good as well. This is one perfect city car to go make it shine through heavy traffic.

Bhawani   2015-04-17

Honda Amaze has revamped its exterior by incorporating features that improve its aesthetics. These include adding the boot space and leg space, apart from tweaking the radiator grille with more chrome slats. The addition of ABS and EBD to all the variants goes a long way in fortifying the braking mechanism. The car also comes loaded with an AVN multimedia system integrated to a 15.7 inches touchscreen. Moreover, a latest CNG kit has been integrated with one of the high-end petrol trims.

Aryan   2015-04-24

The car has got revamped features. The looks are changed for better in this car. There is grille which has been modified to add a glamourous look to this car. Two chrome stips have been added to grille. Engineering aspect of rear design has been made more rigorous and effective. More manufacturing costs are involved in it which is actually rebuilding a new better car. Thus a new car of Honda is ready before the ruck of buyers.

Mukesh   2015-06-10

The car from Honda is another bang on option for all car lovers. The more tries to find a good car with affordable price range the more one might get directed to this car. The reason is obvious. Its unique features which are just hard to get anywhere else.The car has borrowed its 6.3 inch touch screen interface and embedded it into its specs so well that it gives another edge to the car. The amazing thing is its infotainment system which is really advancely engineered.

Nadeem   2015-06-18

Whatever you can expect from a car, Honda Amaze has them. The car has good looks, and the proportions are also good. The car has improved front visibility. The car has a rigid body, and the agility is also great.

Niranjan   2015-09-09

The Honda Amaze is a car that is efficient and high performing. The potential buyers are always for the price range that is alluring. The car has a perfect rear design, and the boot making is also neat. The car has comfortable seats and good wheelbase.

Mohinish   2015-09-10

The Honda Amaze car has a revamped exterior. There are many features that improve the aesthetics of the car, and the ABS and EBD in the car make the great mechanism. The multimedia system, and the braking mechanism are perfect.

Ankur   2015-09-12

The features of the car are restored and the changes make the car look awesome. The car has the perfect engineering design, and the rear designing is amazing. The car has a high price, but for the features available, you will not mind the price.

Jassi   2015-09-14

Car lovers will never find the features in Honda Amaze in the other cars, and the price is worthy for what you get. This gives an advantageous edge to the car. the 6.3 inch touch screen is one of the examples of the unique and stylish features of the car.

Pradeep   2015-09-15

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