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How can I pair my phone with the bluetooth of my Honda Amaze?

By: Sangam Goyal on 27 november 2016

1 Answers:

To pair your phone with the bluetooth of Honda Amaze, firstly, switch the Bluetooth function on your phone to ‘ON’ and find your phone’s menu that will enable you to search for a new Bluetooth device, as you will need to operate this at a later stage.

• Press and release the HFT (Hands Free Telephone) button and select ‘Phone set-up’.
• You will be offered some options like, status, pair, edit, delete and list. Select ‘Pair’. The system will then display you a four digit pass code for pairing.
• The system will then search for your phone, but you will now also need to activate the Bluetooth Search Function on your phone as the 2 devices need to be searching at the same time to establish a connection.
• On your phone, select the ‘Connect to Honda HFT’ option when it appears. The phone will then ask for your pass code. Input the pass code displayed before.
• A notification appears on the screen if pairing is successful.

vinay   2016-11-27

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