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On an average I drive 1000kms a month. Petrol or diesel, which car should suit me better? Also, between Honda BRV petrol and Honda BRV diesel, which has a better mileage?

By: justin on 2016-12-08

1 Answers:

A diesel car is opted for by many since the mileage of the vehicle is usually better as compared to a petrol car. However, the former is more expensive to buy as well as maintain therefore it is beneficial only if you travel a lot because only then will the economy of scale come into play and the money you save on the fuel will total to a decent amount. Usually it is said that in 5 years you end up covering the extra cost that you pay, depending on the model. On an average it is said that the diesel vehicle is most beneficial if you drive for more than 1500kms a month. If it is under this then a petrol car is better because it is cheaper to buy as well as maintain and also, it does not need to be looked after on regular basis as compared to a diesel car.
The Honda BRV diesel delivers a mileage of 21.9kmpl whereas the petrol BRV delivers 15.4kmpl to 16kmpl. 

Mahima    2016-12-08

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