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Is CVT transmission as reliable as manual? How does the maintenance cost of CVT transmission compared to manual?

By: Richardson on 2017-20-12

1 Answers:

Manual transmissions are easier to repair and generally more reliable than CVT, and it is very tolerant of poor maintenance CVT transmission requires oil changes at regular intervals which are shorter than the intervals recommended for manual transmission.

Though, in terms of convenience, less fatigue and general comfort CVT transmission is better, while manual transmission offers better control over the car’s driving dynamics, so if you are am enthusiastic driver, you would prefer manual transmission.

The maintenance cost on manual transmissions is relatively cheaper as they are less complex. Automatic transmissions are complex and contain lots of moving parts hence they tend to be more expensive to maintain.

In my opinion, in terms of performance, initial costs, running costs, or even maintenance costs, a manual transmission is better than CVT transmission.

Ratan Singh    2017-20-12

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