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Is Honda Brio a car to use for long terms?

By: Jagdeep on 14 may 2014

8 Answers:

Honda Brio is a new car from the garage of Honda and since it is made to focus a large buyer audience, it has been tailor made for Indian needs. The car's engine is good old trusted 1.2L i-Vtech engine which is refined to produce only enough power and torque but to squeeze out more kilometers per litre of fuel. The suspension is also changed and does absorbs all the light bumps with a muted thud. Interiors are all standardised for a longer run. Apart from these functional things the car has imperial looks which wont let you down a hundred years from now. It is a Honda product and it is made to last.

Sonal Gupta    2014-05-14

Yes, the ease with which Brio handles city and highway conditions cannot be matched with any of its rivals. The 1.2 litre engine that produces 88bhp of power is there to support the car for ages. Do not be reluctant in taking a decision if you wish to buy Honda Brio for long term. It's a car that comes loaded with safety as well as comfort features. It's Honda after all, and is going to give you a great resale value in case you wish to sell it even after 10 years. Drive well, go for regular maintenance for a healthy drive. Go for it.

Mr. Rathi   2014-05-21

Brio is a pure customised car for Indian markets. The car's features have been upgraded for use by hard core Indian buyers who have a casual attitude in keeping the car. The car's specs are upgraded in such a way that people find it truly wonderful to be used for a loner period of time. The pliable and flexible suspension of car make this thing really possible to be used for a longer duartion of time with minimum maintenance.

Saurabh   2015-06-12

Yes. Brio is a very good car and can be used for very lng periods of time. I own it since 3 years and plan to use it for at least 3 more. This car is a flawless piece of machine with exceptionally good power and performance. I love it very much.

Jaspreet Kaur   2015-06-29

Brio is a small car with a huge space. It’s a hatchback but like a sedan and can be used for a long time. The space in this car is huge and workable hence you don’t require a new car every once in a while. This car is perfect in all sense.

Ashish   2015-07-01

Honda Brio is a beautifully feature packed car and I love the fact that such a small car has so much in it. This car always makes me feel like home whenever I drive it. And yes definitely it is a long term car which I intend to use for 5 years.

Sajid Khan   2015-07-02

The car is very small and I personally do not think I will be able to use the car for any linger than 3 years. So no it is not a long term car for me. Well actually it depends on your definition of long term. For me it is 5 years.

Pankaj Rana   2015-07-04

Wow what a car. Is what you will say when you first buy the car and you will love having it. I love this car in all its meanings and sizes available. I am telling you that this car will even remain for 10 years with me without a problem.

Devinder    2015-07-06

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