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What to choose between Honda Brio and Ford Figo?

By: Pathak on 8 december 2014

3 Answers:

There are many factors which helps you let you choose between cars. The initial of them being the cost factor. Honda Brio and Ford Figo are both priced competitively . Another factor is brand value which Honda has more than the Ford. The cost of maintenance is also less in Honda any given day. Ford has a advantage of more conventional looks but Honda has better quality interiors. Last but not the least is the fact that next year, Ford is going to launch an all new Ford Figo and the current generation will become obsolete and the resale value will come down. So keep in mind all these factors.  

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-08

Honda Brio and Ford Figo both are the names of most trusted and reliable hatchback in Indian market. According to my fact and figures of sales response these both hatchback have received good amount of attention and buyers in Indian market because both have good fuel economy and decent performance numbers. Now if you want to go with my point of view then you should go for Honda Brio because this hatchback have some more advanced and new features which are absent in Ford Figo and cabin of Honda Brio is much more comfortable then Ford Figo.

Maan   2015-02-19

Honda brio and Ford Figo are both cars of the same segment and thus gives good competition to each other in terms of specs and features. The Figo is longer than Brio and has a bigger wheelbase than Brio. Though it is smaller in height. Brio has better interiors with nicer fit and finish than Figo's. On engine performance front and other parameters such as peak power, peak torque and fuel efficiency, Brio definitely outperforms Figo. All in all Brio is more stylish and has good features and a powerful engine whereas Figo has better road dynamics (especially less body roll than Brio) and lower price. Honda Brio is surely a winner between the duo.

Amshul   2015-02-24

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