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What is the list of specs of Honda Brio?

By: Sunaaksh on 2 april 2015

13 Answers:

One can not avoid looking at this model of Honda.There has been lots of effort put into its making to make it the important car for the country.The size is smaller and it can be a source of disappointment for the buyers.The packaging is no doubt the best effort made by car makers. Also the 2345 mm wheelbase has been tried to be used in best possible means.

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-02

Honda Brio is a great car of small size. The 87bhp revv engine does it the best treatmen in a darting way. The cars of this size do not have engines like this. But this car actually nails this thing perfectly.However the packing space inside the car is really disappointing. There is not much roominess in boot space of the car. The car's engine is no doubt reliable and peppy too. Interiors are no bad in this car.

Ajeet   2015-04-16

I believe on looks as when we are spending that sum of funds to buy a car then its ordinary, we will be expecting everything from the car. If it is not of good quality at the first glance then why would any consumer attract to buy that car? So for me car must also look great and I am glad with this Honda car as it fulfils my desire of a small car.

ajeet   2015-06-18

According to me, looks matters and with this model of Honda, my desire to get a compact car is just fulfilled. It offers excellent exterior looks that would surely attract many other buyers. It has a brilliant engine performance with decent mileage. I think overall look and dimension of this car is far better than other cars of the same brand. It is the perfect nuclear family car that I have ever experienced.

arjun   2015-06-20

If I say, this Honda Brio car is a perfect blend of beauty and performance then I don’t think anyone would deny this fact. Yes, I agree with all the people who believe that it is a small family car that deliver excellent performance with great mileage. As I have experienced, it delivers me 19.5kmpl mileage which I think good enough. Its small size is an added advantage in crowded areas.

kabeer   2015-06-22

As far as its look and performance then I have no doubt and complaint with this car. And as mentioned about its small size, then I think it can also be considered as a positive factor in traffic and crowded areas. No doubt, it has an appealing beauty that can easily attract any buyer with better safety systems. This car has sufficient safety systems. So you don’t have to think much before buying this car.

Naman   2015-06-24

Well, for me looks and performance go hand in hand. Car should deliver good performance as well apart from the beautiful look. It is a perfect pick for the small family. This car can easily accommodate 5 adults. It has an average leg & boot space, comfortable seats and brilliant mileage. Now, I own this Honda Brio and I am in love with this car and thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Hemant   2015-06-26

Honda Brio is a vital car for India. When it is said that the car is small, it does not mean that the car is cramped up, but you enjoy good space in a small car. You need not worry about the parking space or getting stuck in traffic. This is one of the proofs that the best effort has been made by the carmaker to pack everything in a compact vehicle and they are completely tested.

Kavith   2015-07-14

The Honda Brio is a great car and the package is small. The engine is of 87 bhp, and it offers a pretty good performance. Not any car of this size in the market comes with the same engine quality. The car has lesser packing space, and the boot space is also cramped. The car has an engine, and the engine is also reliable. The interiors too look cool.

Sangwan   2015-07-24

It is impossible for anyone to ignore the Honda Brio given the list of specifications it has to offer. In comparison to other cars of the same size, one will surely fail to find a 87 bhp engine like this car provides to the user. It delivers an excellent 19.5kmpl mileage that pretty much sums up its class. This model from Honda is blessed with stunning interior facilities. The car is quite spacious to say the least and can accommodate 5 pillions. The seats are really comfortable and the wheelbase of this car has been designed in an authentic way.

Swaraj   2015-08-01

This car from Honda is a real game changer. This is a car that is small in size, and perfect or the country. The buyers do not stay off from getting amazed by the car. There are lots of safety and comfort features available in Brio.

Ratnesh   2015-09-16

A great vehicle in small size is Brio. Most of the times, the small cars do not have the best engines. If you think that this car too would have the similar issues, then you are wrong. Brio has high quality engine, and the space is also good inside the car.

Omi   2015-09-18

The car is available at a smaller price tag, but the quality of ride and interiors are amazing. Even the looks are great, and looks like a car for the present generation. You can rely on the engine and its performance.

Dev   2015-09-20

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