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Which variants does Honda Brio come in?

By: Param on 5 january 2015

8 Answers:

Hi Param

Honda Brio has a lot to go for itself. It comes in 8 trims (all petrol) with both manual and automatic transmission systems. The VX trims boast of advanced systems like an anti lock braking system and an electronic brake force distribution system. Also, the body of the hatchback is equipped with an Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) structure that absorbs impact during a collision. The lower and mid level trims are equipped with a 1 DIN music system, while the top-end trims have a touchscreen based music system and navigation function. 


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-01-05

Honda Brito has been launched in as many as eight versions, with engine and 2 transmissions. The petrol variants of the car include models like Honda Brio E MT, Honda Brio EX MT, Honda Brio S MT, Honda Brio VX MT, Honda Brio VX (O) MT, Honda Brio VX AT and Honda Brio VX (O) AT. Each of these variants have 1198cc Petrol engine, manual transmission and offers an average mileage of 18.9 kilometers per liter. Thus, it implies that the difference in these versions lie in their specifications and added features. There are color variants in Honda Brito as well. Thus, the commonly found colors for the Indian market are Taffeta While, Rally Red, Crystal Black Pearl, Alabaster Silver, Enerqetic Blue and Urban Titanium.

Rahul   2015-01-16

Honda Brio as a hatchback has only petrol as the fuel option. It has 8 different trims such as E MT, EX MT, S MT, V MT, VX MT, VX (O) MT, VX AT, and VX (O) AT. The E and S are the lower and mid range variants and the V and VX are the top range ones. The lower and mid range trims are equipped with a 1 DIN music system as opposed to a touchscreen based music system with Aux-in, USB connectivity and FM in the top trims.

Megha   2015-02-04

Equipped with both manual and automatic transmission gearbox systems, the Honda Brio hatchback comes in eight variants. All the variants run on petrol and are named E, S, V and VX with MT and AT attached to those letters. There are two optional trims also signified by the letter ‘O’. E and S are the lower and mid level trims and do not feature some of the high end features like ABD and EBD, even a touchscreen based audio system.

Shakunt   2015-02-05

Honda Brio is quite competitive in its segment and is being offered in 8 trims. Running on all petrol, the lower end trim is known as E followed by S, V and VX. The lowest trim starts at a price tag of Rs.4.21 lakhs and then highest trim comes at Rs.6.78 lakhs (all ex showroom, Delhi). The trims are also categorised as per their transmission systems – MT and AT for manual and automatic transmission respectively. Although all trims return a healthy mileage figure of 18.9 Kmpl, the top end VX trim is bestowed with an anti lock braking system and an electronic brake force distribution system, besides a touchscreen operated music system.

Shamer   2015-02-07

Loaded with advanced safety features like anti lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution system, the top end trim ‘VX’ of Honda Brio is as state of the art as one can get in this segment. Added to that the best in class mileage figure of 18.9 Kmpl and one has a winner all the way. Honda Brio comes in a total of 8 variants (all run on petrol) named E, S, V and VX. Also, there are two optional ones too with the VX trim – one with manual transmission and other with automatic transmission.

Kamlesh   2015-02-09

Brio has come in a lot of varitions than ever before. It has got a wide range of new technical advancements in terms of its designing from engine perspective.It comes in eight trims all of which are petrol. The car is both automatic and manual controlled from its engine.The top end verions have a glorious set of music systems and compaatible navigations function as well.

Bhawna   2015-06-11

Brio doesnot come in both diesel and petrol variant. But it comes in just pertol variant. Thus a lot of options are timmed this way. This has also reduced a lot of buyers from Indian market. There are also certain things which have made people to buy it. There are almost eight versions which come under petrol version of this car. This is the coombined number of both automatic and manual version. Also advanced systems are included in its all versions present.

Apurva   2015-06-19

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