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How is maintenance of this car?

By: Shidat on 2015-12-02

3 Answers:

Honda cars are famous for its high quality of engine and other mechanism. Though manufacturers offers good warranty for it, there would be very limited number of warranty claims made. This is indicative of extent to which quality is taken care. As a owner if you follow up with scheduled maintenance, it would suffice. In case of accidental damages like under body hits, external damages and so on, no warranty is applicable however you can claim the repair charges under insurance.
TeamAutoportal    2015-12-02

When it comes to Maintenance, Honda is one of the most low cost maintenance car in its segment. Some non-honda owners have a notion that Honda's maintenance is too high, which is actually upside down. Honda follows a periodic maintenance of 6 months or 5000 kms which ever comes earlier. These periodic maintenance schedule will consist of a complete check up of the car followed by Engine oil replacement and other wear and tear spares(only if required) costing you around Rs1200-1500 max. The major checkups i,e. 20K, 40K, 60K, 80K & 100K kilometer maintenance will cost you a little bit higher around Rs 4500-5000. Apart from all these there are no issues with the spares provided by Honda so no question of warranty comes into the picture. Incase of any product update or failure, Honda will replace it free of cost. However regarding the wear & tear items like the Clutch and Brake, it totally depends upon the driving habbit. Generally brake pad needs a replacement not before than 40,000+ kms which costs around Rs 3500.

Sougata    2015-27-02

Honda City is the most famous and lovable sedan in Indian market. The performance and handling of Honda City is very good if we compare to other rivals of its class. When it comes to fuel economy then you will find decent numbers and fuel economy numbers are more in diesel motor while maintenance cost is reasonable in petrol motor but maintenance cost you high if you go diesel motor. The best way to getting reasonable maintenance is to follow the maintenance chart mentioned in the User manual.

Alia    2015-07-03

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