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I am confused between honda city petrol or diesel ?

By: Harish on 2015-14-03

3 Answers:

Hello Harish !!

The selection between petrol version and diesel versions depends lot on uasge requirements, budget constraints and lot more. In general the diesel versions costs higher price by one lakh or so. With petrol version expected mileage is around 18kmpl and that with diesel version around 23kmpl. These are ARAI claimed mileages and can vary depending upon conditions of usage. To select one, if monthly usage is below 1500kms then its worth going for petrol version. For higher utility diesel version is better option.



TeamAutoportal    2015-17-03

Hey Harish,


Well this is serious issue that every buyer goes through before opting a car suitable to their need. I'll break this up into three parts.


1. Your daily running- If your daily travel is less than 50 kms then there is no point going for the diesel version. Petrol will perfectly suite your needs and pocket (keeping in mind the difference in price of petrol and diesel prices).


2. Maintenance- Dont worry about it, as these days there is no huge difference in maintenance between petrol and diesel cars. The cost of maintenance is almost the same with hardly a difference of Rs1000-2000 per servicing. So this point wont affect you much.


3. Pricing- Yes, the pricing of the diesel variant is almost 1 lakh more than the petrol. This totally depends on whether you think its worth it or not. There are few other this which I would also like to put into consideration like the mileage, resale value,diving comfort, etc. Well mileage of petrol-15-17kmpl & Diesel 21-23kmpl (Actual).


About the resale value, Honda city(petrol) is the only vehicle in its brand which bears the highest resale value apart from all other petrol vehicles. However the Diesel variant is new in market so cant predict about it. Ride comfort is same in both the variants. However Driving comfort is better and soundless with a punchy acceleration in petrol, whereas in the diesel variant you could still hear the rev while accelerating (which gives you a feel of racing)

Sougata    2015-20-03

Rising Petrol prices and huge difference between petrol and diesel prices have prompted many people to opt for diesel car in comparison to petrol ones. However, one should not blindly take a diesel car instead of petrol. Not only initial price but maintenance cost of a diesel car is higher than a petrol one. The decision should be based on the daily running requirements. If a person is commuting at least 80 Kms per day than only he can extract the worth of spending extra one lakh or so on his diesel car. If running requirements are low, than there is no point of going for diesel.

Aloki    2015-04-04

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