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Can we fix Low ground Clearance which cause damage?

By: ansari naseer on 2015-14-04

2 Answers:

Hello Ansari Naseer !!

The New Honda City has ground clearance of 165mm. Its a moderate ground clearance with which one can easily drive in all normal roads and normal road humps. The road conditions can never be the same in all situations and hence a careful driving would help in this regard.In fact most of the standard hatchbacks and sedans have ground clearance of 165mm. It is much higher in MPV and SUV cars. Where it ranges at around 200mm or so.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-16-04

Low ground clearance makes the vehicle prone to water damages. Therefore, one of the convenient options is to apply a coat of painting on the under part of the car. This should be generally done during the first servicing session of the car immediately after its purchase. Some ground clearance kits are also available with the authorized car dealers that comprise of a collection of tapes, fluids and paint  solutions. These equipments are incorporated on the under part of the car as per the instructions present with the supplied manual. Sometimes coil spring adjuster is also used to prevent sagging of the suspension due to low ground clearance in a vehicle. Replacing the dampeners regularly when the car goes for servicing is also a convenient option for fixing the problem with low ground clearance in a particular vehicle.

Ram    2015-22-04

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