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What are the unique features of Honda City?

By: Lucky on 2015-13-03

14 Answers:

The brand new model from Honda has got everything it could have.The looks of the car too make eyes getting tripped out.The car has been made better proportioned too. The front visibility of thr car is improved.The new body of car is more rigid. The towers of suspension too have been strengthened. There has been agility on seen as a result of this.

TeamAutoportal    2015-13-03

Honda City is a nice mid sized sedan with several new additions in it. It has got i-VTEC engine in it. This has increased engineering brilliance of the car like no other.The company has now started to rely on diesel engine variant for its success story to be built. There are similar things in it like to that of Amaze in terms of gear , engine etc. But there is new addition of sixth gear in it. The City has got its weight reduced than its prior versions.

Dhananjay    2015-20-03

Honda City has been introduced with a new VX (O) trim that possesses some unique features. These include an Audio Video Navigation (AVN) system comprising of a 15.7cm touchscreen that provides access to Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS, CD/MP3 player etc. The trim also comes with a reverse parking camera and parking sensors. The wheels are either steel or alloy made depending upon the trim and have anti lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution systems in all the trims.

Silvia    2015-27-03

Car has been modified for all better thing in it. The front looks of car are chnaged with changes marked around the gear section etc. This really makes appearance of car look bolder several times with a rigid structure of its body this time.Also we find a strong engineering done on this car as compared to previous versions of this car. Weight wise also it is lighter as compred to previous versions.

Mehnaz    2015-06-06

Head turning looks are what the Honda City cars have. If you are owning one, you will certainly see that the neighbors envy you. the proportion of the car is designed to make the car perfect. The car’s visibility has been greatly improved, and the agility is also increased. The car has become more rigid as a result. The sturdy feature is enhanced and one can enjoy ultimate driving experience with the Honda City.

lokesh    2015-20-06

The Honda City is a sedan of the mid size segment, and it can be seen that the car is loved by many Indian car users for the very looks. But it is not the looks that matter when it comes to a car, and this car does not let you down here. It has got the VETC engine, and the engineering brilliance has moved to the next level in the recent version. This gear and engine are same as that of Amaze. The weight of the car is lesser compared to the predecessors.

Muheet    2015-01-07

The new variant from the Honda City, the VX O trim, which is laden with many features. The Audio Video navigation, one of the innovative features, is one of them. There is a touchscreen of 15.7 cm, which offers access to Bluetooth. The camera and the parking sensors are also available in this car. The car has an anti lock braking system. The electronic brae force, and the distribution system are also present.

Ronak    2015-23-07

 The Honda City has been modified for better features and looks. The front looks of the car has been improved, and the gear section are changed. They are more of the Honda Amaze. The car has a rigid structure. Compared with the predecessors, the car has reduced weight. The light weight, and the engine performance has made it sure that the car is enhanced a lot.

Madhur    2015-08-08

The Honda City serves it's purpose as an excellent medium sized sedan. It backs a string of excellent specifications which act as new additions to this car. The looks of this car have been modified in an exquisite way. The front end of the car has undergone massive changes. The body has been given a more rigid and retro appeal. Even the suspension setup of this four-wheeler has been strengthened to satisfy the user's needs. Powered by an i-VTEC engine, the engineering magnificence of this car can be compared to no other car's ethics. There has been a reduction in it's weight.

Farukh    2015-18-08

The new Honda City has got everything the users would love. You can feel that the onlookers getting hooked to the car. There is one thing to be improved, the front visibility has to be improved. The car has a rigid body, and the suspension has been improved. The car is agile.

Karan    2015-23-09

This is a mid sized sedan that is known for its macho appearance and stunning interiors. The new version has added engineering brilliance. The diesel engine too performs well, and the engine is superior too. The gear is also great, and you will find the car to be rigid and agile

Aradhay    2015-25-09

There are lots of unique features in the Honda City, and the safety features should be mentioned for sure. they let the users drive without the fear of great damage. The front breaker distribution is also superb, and the ABS is perfect. The car has splendid transmission. The car has been modeled to suit everyone’s needs.

nihal    2015-27-09

You will have the Honda city turning the heads of many, and the neighbor’s envy is guaranteed when you own this car. the car has the visibility improved to a great extent. The car has also got improved agility. The rigidity too is improved a lot. The car has also got very sturdy features

Charan    2015-29-09

The modified and better features of Honda city make the car unique. The rigid structure of the car makes it very much stable, and the car is also easy to drive at the same time. There is Audio Video Navigation, touchscreen of 15.7 cm, and there is an anti lock braking system.

Jaspinder    2015-01-10

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