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Honda city automatic or petrol?

By: Dr Abhay Aryan on 2015-17-05

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Hello Dr Abhay Aryan..

The slection of transmission versions ie manual or automatic depends upon preferences for comfort and easy of handling. The price range of automatic transmission versions is higher by about 70,000 Rs or more for ex showroom price. Both have unique advantage of handling. When automatic transmission is very easy to handle with a switch on lever serving purpose of clutch and very easy slection of gears. Manual transmission have better gear selection and variation of torque according to the situations on road. Many people find MT more fun to drive than too easy operation of AT. Considering quality of MT and AT in Honda City, price range, usage and other parameters, Manual Transmission would be better.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-21-05

Honda Motor Co. Pvt. Ltd., the Japanese car manufacturing company has launched two versions in India. They have diesel and petrol variants. The Honda City vehicles with automatic transmission comes under the petrol variant. Among the petrol variants include models like Honda City E, Honda City S, Honda City SV, Honda City V, Honda City VX, Honda City VX (O) MT. However, all these petrol variants come with manual transmission. Therefore, the petrol variants of Honda City with automatic transmission are Honda City SV CVT and Honda City VX CVT, both of which comprise of 1497cc Petrol engine with Automatic (CVT) transmission.

Mangat    2015-23-05

Manual and automatic transmission gearbox systems have their own set of advantages and otherwise. Many people prefer a manual transmission system mainly due to its smooth acceleration and torque generation, as they feel an automatic one is sluggish and too easy to leave an imprint. But on the other hand, the automatic one has easy operability with a lever working as clutch. On the flip side, cars with automatic transmission system are pricey. On comparing both the systems, a manual system is an inherently better one.

Sagar    2015-01-06

The choice of a gearbox system is primarily driven by the owner’s preference for a comfortable drivability as against robustness and fun. The automatic gearbox system, which is invariably costly – Rs. 60,000 or more has a very easy way of selection of gears with less stress on the arms of the driver. The manual gearbox system on the other hand is the traditional one with better gear shift pattern and generation of torque. So, in the overall analysis, a manual transmission is placed better in the pecking order of preferences.

Sushant    2015-02-06

Honda’s automatic version is costly option to have. You can have Petrol in bet of forms at the reasonable price tag. There are no doubts about efficiency of automatic version with very easy handling. The easy selection of gears and switch is one of the easy perks of Honda. But opinions differ and people find manual selection having a better gear selection capacity. Thus petrol version also fares well sometimes.

Sudhir    2015-12-06

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