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What average can I expect from the Honda City?

By: Ravinder Kapur on 2015-30-05

8 Answers:

Hello Ravinder Kapur !!

You can expect mileage in the range of 14 - 17kmpl from the petrol variant. Whereas the Diesel should be able to deliver 20 - 23 kmpl


Team Autoportal


TeamAutoportal    2015-02-06

The Honda city comes in different engine capacity and fuel options with both automatic and manual transmission option. So there is a fluctuation in mileage. Mileage is a dependent variant which can vary from geographical location, traffic and driver also. Honda city comes in petrol and diesel version, petrol version gives a mileage of around 16-17 KMPL where as Diesel version gives a mileage of 24-26 KMPL. So Mileage will not be a problem if you want to become a Honda owner.

Yogen    2015-16-06

I do agree with the above statement. Honda city is really good in terms of the mileage. I own a diesel version of Honda city and it is giving me more than 20 KMPL, haven’t calculated exactly but I realized it is not less than 20 KMPL. I always go for a tank full, Honda city fuel tank capacity is 40 liters. In one tank full you can easily ride more than 850 kilometers without thinking about the fuel regardless of what kind of road you are on with ac running all the time.

Amitesh    2015-18-06

I am not agree with the above two answers, my Honda city diesel is not giving more than 18 kmpl, in one tank full it never goes more than 700 Kilometers. I used to drive 70 Km a day from Delhi to Pataudi which is 70 kilometers away from my home. Along with that some night-out over the weekend and I have to refill my car twice a month. So for me it’s like not more than 70 KMS. Please note on the way there is city traffic up to Gurgaon and then most of the time it is highway only.

Vedansh    2015-21-06

I do agree with my friend, Honda city is giving a mileage of 17-18 Kms with AC running and average speed of 60-70. I am having a Honda city from last two years and it is also giving me the same mileage. The car is good and I don’t mind it giving 18 also as earlier I was having a petrol version and it was giving a mileage of 12 KMPL so for me it’s good.

Sumant    2015-22-06

True, I own a petrol version Honda city top model with Automatic transmission and it is giving me a mileage of 12, sometimes I feel when riding longer on highway it gives like 14 KMPL but not more than that. Don’t know how ARAI certifies the vehicles for showing a mileage of 18 when it is not giving more than 12. At this segment Honda have to rethink to make their technology advanced so that its vehicles can give more mileage. They are always behind looks.

Haridesh    2015-24-06

According to the ARAI certification, Honda City in its petrol variant can deliver a mileage of 17.8 kmpl and with diesel, it can produce a mileage of 24.2 to 26 kmpl depending upon the variants. As per my personnel experience in petrol variant, City delivers a mileage of 12 kmpl in cities and can provide up to 15.5 on highways and in diesel variant, owners claim a mileage of 17 kmpl in cities and 19-21 kmpl on highways.

Nahar    2015-27-06

The new City returns with best in class space and fuel economy along with an all new automatic gearbox. According to the ARAI certification, Honda City in its petrol variant can deliver a mileage of 17.8 km per liter and with diesel; it can produce a mileage of 24.2 to 26 km per liter depending upon the variants. The 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine is India’s most efficient diesel engine delivering an ARAI tested mileage of 26 km per liter. The petrol 1.5-litre i-VTEC delivers fuel efficiency of 18kmpl with the CVT and 17.8kmpl with the five-speed manual.

Sumer    2015-09-07

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