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I have 2001 Honda City, it doesn’t deliver good mileage, car mechanic says to change the spark plugs, is that’s the way?

By: Kunal on 5 september 2016

1 Answers:

Your mechanic may be right as bad spark plugs can also decrease fuel economy significantly, if car mileage suddenly drops there is a good chance that it is because of malfunctioned spark plug, spark plug’s health is directly related to engine performance, a weak or bad spark plug lead to many problems be it issues of cold starting or misfires during acceleration and your car can’t sustain maximum power and your car can see a drop in fuel efficiency. The recommended replacement of spark plug by company is 40,000 kms for normal spark plug and if the spark plug is iridium type then on 1 lakh kms.

Rohit   2016-09-05

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