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Please suggest me some tips for driving Honda City in cramped and narrow city roads.

By: Balasubramanian on 2016-27-10

1 Answers:

Following are some tips for driving Honda City in cramped and narrow city roads:

• Allow plenty of space between you and other vehicles/structures.
• Signal before making a turn or merging into a lane.
• Follow the flow of traffic.
• Adjust your speed accordingly. More time between you and the car in front will mean more reaction time in the event of sudden braking or some other emergency.
• Avoid aggressive driving and weaving from lane to lane.
• Keep a safe distance at least three seconds between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This will help you avoid frequent braking and rear-end collisions.
• Watch the traffic ahead closely. When cars in front brake, take your foot off the accelerator to slow down gradually before you brake. Be cautious not to brake abruptly.
• Use your mirrors to monitor the areas around your car. • Perform head checks to check your blind spots before changing lanes or merging.
• Pay attention to your situational awareness

tanuj    2016-27-10

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