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I recently reversed my car without pressing clutch and it made some grinding noise, what could have damaged, please let me know?

By: sridhar on 2016-11-12

1 Answers:

The clutch is the part of the car that allows you to connect or disconnect the engine and the transmission when you change gears. Shifting gears using clutch in an improper way can cause damage to your vehicle’s transmission. The reverse gear has a higher torque hence using clutch to shift gear becomes even more important. If the gear is not shifted properly, it takes some time to wiggle into gear at first instead of the typical smooth transmission and as a result, there is a grinding sound, it is from the dog teeth that are trying to fit into the holes in the gears. So in my opinion there might not be any damage caused to your car as it has happened first time, but if you get in the habit of shifting gear in an improper way you'll damage gearbox.

Keshav    2016-11-12

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